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How are we different from other 3D companies? Use your favorite search engine to search for “3D” or “Volume Rendering.” You will find millions of hits and thousands of volume rendered images. Look closely at these images and compare them to the images in Fovia’s Gallery, and you will find that nothing approaches Fovia’s quality.

This unparalleled quality, coupled with the unique high-performance algorithms of High Definition Volume Rendering, makes Fovia a world leader in 3D volumetric rendering. With Fovia’s robust feature set, OEMs can easily customize market‑specific interfaces and enhance their products.

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3D Medical Imaging

Anytime, Anywhere Worldwide Accessibility

Fovia’s scalable, CPU-based technology provides critical information “on-the-fly” via the cloud, local networks, or as an integrated component of existing architectures. XStream HDVR provides universal access to 2D, 3D and 4D advanced volume visualization, available anytime, anywhere.

XStream HDVR enables remote rendering on any device, providing on-demand worldwide image access. Fovia’s flexible, scalable solution renders numerous types of data for many applications.

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Advanced Visualization

Understand the Fovia Difference

Many existing technologies are unable to interactively render large volumes of data. While other solutions continue to have these and other significant challenges, XStream HDVR:

  • Requires no GPUs or hardware accelerators
  • Runs on off-the-shelf PCs, laptops and mobile devices
  • Provides unparalleled quality AND performance
  • Employs interactive deep super-sampling without preprocessing
  • Gives full control to OEMs with flexible and scalable integration options

Fovia’s CPU-based XStream HDVR technology successfully overcomes today’s volume rendering challenges through its proprietary, deep super-sampling algorithms that achieve superior interactive quality and performance.

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See why some of the world’s largest companies, including GE Healthcare, IBM, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson are customers of Fovia. Additionally, over 500 internationally recognized universities and research centers in over 50 countries have licensed Fovia’s XStream HDVR software.

Find out why your company or university should consider using Fovia’s XStream HDVR solution. Read on, explore our website, view the high quality movies and images in our gallery, and then, when you are ready, Request a Demo.

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