Advantages Overview


OEM XStream HDVR SDK Suite

XStream HDVR Provides Clear Advantages

Fovia’s advanced visualization platform delivers unparalleled quality, performance and scalability for rendering volumetric datasets in high resolution with off-the-shelf CPUs.


XStream HDVR Offers

  • High fidelity real-time rendering anytime, anywhere
  • Local, enterprise-wide and remote volumetric rendering
  • “Future-proof” comprehensive scalability
  • Complete, customizable product suite
  • Visualization solutions that conserve your R&D resources
  • Leverages proprietary volume rendering algorithms

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3D Visualization Tools

  • Quality & Performance

    • High speed, high fidelity advanced visualization

    • Maximum quality—minimal computational costs

    • CPU-based “smart” volumetric ray casting

    • Deep supersampling in real time

    • Better decisions across multiple imaging sectors

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  • Scalability

    • Large datasets? No problem!

    • Ultra-high resolution displays? No problem!

    • Enterprise-wide virtualization? No problem!

    • Need even higher performance? Add cores!

    • Scalability for today—and tomorrow!

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  • Make vs. Buy

    • Don’t reinvent the wheel—Fovia can help!

    • Reduce your time to market

    • Conserve your valuable R&D resources

    • Focus on non-rendering development

    • Provide award-winning imaging today!

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  • Flexible Integration

    • Power your imaging with XStream HDVR

    • Enhance your proprietary workflows

    • Keep your development roadmap flexible

    • Select from multiple integration options

    • Procure an adaptable long-term solution

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  • CPU vs. GPU

    • Simplifies implementing “smart” algorithms

    • Scales extremely efficiently

    • Increases overall imaging flexibility

    • Reduces memory issues and limitations

    • Enables enterprise-wide virtualization

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