Make vs. Buy


Focus your team on what you do best, and let Fovia take care of your imaging needs. Give your product line a boost with XStream HDVR, accelerate your time-to-market and improve your bottom line. Refocus your resources with Fovia.

Provide your customers with best-in-class visualization in your next release

Fovia provides award-winning volume rendering for all your imaging needs. We help you integrate XStream HDVR so you can optimize your research and development resources.

Why use Fovia’s High Definition Volume Rendering?


  • Significantly reduce time-to-market
  • Improve your competitive position by integrating gold standard
  • Deploy your developers on other revenue‑generating projects
  • Save time/money, eliminate development risk
  • Leverage Fovia’s domain expertise, intellectual property



  • Helps you determine the best XStream HDVR solution for you
  • Assists in optimizing your existing architecture or designing a new one
  • Supports and trains you during the integration process
  • Suggests multiple ways to achieve your desired objectives
  • Augments your own development team with our expertise

FOVIA is the RECOGNIZED WORLD LEADER in Volume Rendering

Thinking of developing your own engine? Consider…

  • Volume rendering is an extremely specialized domain—are you ready for the challenge?
  • How much time, effort and money will it take to develop your own solution?
  • What if you fail after investing considerable resources?
  • Once the initial development has been completed, will you continue to innovate?
  • Will you support the increasing demand for multiple platforms and devices?

  • Your time-to-market will be significantly reduced
  • Your products will have unrivaled quality, speed, scalability and flexibility
  • You will have more time to focus on other revenue-generating activities
  • You will have an integrated, cost-effective, market-proven solution
  • You will have a development partner that is committed to your long-term success


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