Fovia combines XStream® HDVR® with Robotic Guidance and Navigation
to Optimize Patient Care

Platform Revolutionizes Minimally Invasive Surgery

Palo Alto, California, March 6th, 2018 — Fovia, Inc., a world leader in advanced visualization technology, today announced a licensing and distribution agreement with Globus Medical to combine the unparalleled performance and precision of XStream® HDVR® with the state‑of‑the‑art robotic trajectory guidance and surgical navigation of ExcelsiusGPS™.

XStream HDVR enables the visual exploration of patient data in real‑time, revolutionizing instrument positioning and screw placement. ExcelsiusGPS™ provides seamless integration with preoperative CT, intraoperative CT and fluoroscopic imaging modalities, and is designed to minimize radiation exposure, streamline workflow and reproducibly assist in implant placement.

The powerful combined technology platform provides invaluable coherence between the robotic tools used in surgical planning and medical imaging. Patient care is optimized by merging the benefits of navigation, robotics and advanced visualization and by leveraging the ability to render polygon models and volumetric data together.

“We believe the ExcelsiusGPS™ System with XStream HDVR will advance patient care and provide tangible benefits for surgeons and hospitals in terms of time, accuracy and reduced radiation exposure through the application of robotic and navigation technology in spine and orthopedic surgery,” said Norbert Johnson, Vice President of Robotics, Imaging & Navigation.”

“Globus Medical is an innovative, forward-thinking company that has made groundbreaking advances in robotic guidance and surgical navigation systems, and we are excited with the direction they are taking with ExcelsiusGPS™,” stated David Wilkins, Vice President of Business Development. “We are thrilled to work with Globus Medical to help accelerate their continued innovations.”

About Fovia, Inc.

Fovia is the developer of High Definition Volume Rendering®, a CPU-based, advanced visualization platform that allows OEM partners in a variety of fields to deliver unparalleled quality, performance and scalability to their customers. Fovia’s XStream® HDVR® SDK Suite enables the development of local, enterprise-wide and remote volumetric rendering workflows, while its F.A.S.T.® Cloud SDK, through a client-side interface, enables developers to write zero-footprint advanced visualization applications one time, and distribute them across any web-enabled device. Fovia is also the developer of F.A.S.T.® AI, F.A.S.T.® Interactive Segmentation, and F.A.S.T.® RapidPrint®.

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