How to Integrate

High Performance 3D Integration

Fovia offers multiple integration options for OEMs. We work closely with each partner to create unique solutions for target markets, applications and workflows, providing full integration support and customization assistance.

OEM Integration Toolkits

  • Customized SDK deliveries
  • Integration assistance
  • Robust documentation
  • Configuration, language and platform flexibility
  • Support for your development roadmap
  • High-level integration objects for ease-of-integration

Medical Software Development Integration

Flexible Platform Options

In today’s market, flexibility is critical as user requirements are often complex and dynamic. Fovia provides the broadest and most flexible platform options in the industry, with multiple configuration options available for maximum platform interoperability.

Fovia’s OEM customers can easily and seamlessly mix-and-match their client‑server configurations between Mac, Windows, Linux, mobile, cloud and web platforms.

Configuration Availability

Just as we provide platform flexibility, we provide configuration flexibility. Whether you have a local deployment, a network deployment, a web deployment, a mobile deployment, or a combination of any of these, Fovia can work with you to achieve your product goals.

Our High Definition Volume Rendering software image delivery system allows our partners to provide high performance, high fidelity imaging to their customers anytime, anywhere.

Advanced Visualization Tools Integration

Platform Technology Enables Custom Integration

XStream HDVR comes in many flavors. We offer a full-featured, fully customizable, XStream HDVR SDK Suite as well as several component SDKs, sample applications, and rich building blocks to help OEMs build their imaging products in a variety of ways. Whether you are swapping out and replacing your existing rendering engine, adding new products, or starting out in a new market, we can tailor our SDK software deliveries to meet your needs.

Fovia ensures that our partners have all of the software, resources and skills to develop and maintain their current products, as well as the products, features and functions on their development roadmaps, thereby eliminating the risk of “being held hostage” by 3rd party developers when changes are required.

3D Visualization Tools for Integration

Programming Language Flexibility

To accommodate your own unique application infrastructure, XStream HDVR is available across a wide variety of languages and platforms, including C++, .NET, Java and Javascript.

Our XStream HDVR SDK Suite also provides many points of entry into our image delivery pipeline, enabling the integration of our technology into virtually any architecture, including enterprise‑wide deployments. A typical integration involves control code in one of our robust, high‑level client APIs, with some level of back-end integration in the Server API for custom dataset loading and data analysis routines.

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Medical Software Development APIs

Integration Advantages

  • Multiple integration options
  • High-level sample applications for easy integration
  • Access to prompt and efficient support team
  • Performance testing, load balancing and optimization

  • Remote and onsite support during integration and updates
  • Customization of workspaces and workflows
  • Component SDKs for field‑specific implementations
  • User-friendly Documentation