High Performance 3D Integration for OEMs

Integrate High Definition Volume Rendering

Fovia offers OEMs a wide range of integration options, enabling deep integrations, turnkey add-ons and hybrid solutions.

OEM Flexibility with XStream HDVR

  • Control “look and feel” of your applications
  • Remain responsive to your customers
  • Give your customers a consistent, seamless experience
  • Create your own development roadmap
  • Retain maximum flexibility throughout your products’ life cycles


Platform Technology Enables Custom Integration

XStream HDVR comes in many flavors. We offer a full-featured, fully customizable, XStream HDVR SDK Suite as well as several component SDKs, sample applications, and turnkey options to help OEMs build their imaging products in a variety of ways. Fovia works closely with our partners to determine the appropriate development platform and primary programming language, as well as the optimal client architecture platform(s). Fovia ensures that our partners have all of the software, resources and skills to develop and maintain their current products, as well as the products, features and functions on their development roadmaps, thereby eliminating the risk of “being held hostage” by 3rd party developers when changes are required.


Integrated Workflows and Applications

Fovia doesn’t stop at providing our OEMs with best-in-class volume rendering software—we offer optional integration assistance as well. In accordance with our partners’ needs, we provide custom workspaces and assist with custom workflows for a variety of fields and applications. Fovia also helps optimize performance and quality via performance and quality testing and load balancing. We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution and listen closely to accommodate a variety of products, architectures and platforms, as well as sales and technology goals. Contact Us to find out more.


Integration Advantages

  • Multiple integration options
  • Access to prompt and effective support team
  • Remote and onsite support during integration and updates
  • Performance testing, load balancing and optimization
  • User-friendly Documentation

  • Deployment assistance for local, remote and enterprise systems
  • Customization of workspaces and workflows
  • High-level sample applications for easy integration
  • Component SDKs for field-specific implementations
  • Access to Fovia’s complementary technology companies

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Customized Partnership and Partnership Benefits

Fovia’s success depends on the success of our customers. Our High Definition Volume Rendering software can be easily and natively integrated into various OEM products, allowing quick and cost-effective integrations. We are committed to providing the very best technological solution and a business model tailored to your specific needs. Fovia spends additional time with our customers to ensure that their performance and quality are optimized, thereby providing them with the highest competitive advantage.

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