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We work closely with our OEM customers during every step of the integration process. Fovia has many ways that our integration engineers interact with customers, including in person, and through email, web meetings and phone calls. In addition, we offer written materials and documentation, selected examples of which are below.


Commercial Brochure


Because Fovia is committed to giving its customers the utmost flexibility for implementation, customers may choose from F.A.S.T. Cloud SDK or F.A.S.T. Native SDK. Download our Commercial Brochure to learn more.

Feature List


Our XStream HDVR SDK Suite provides hundreds of features. Visit Advantages Overview to learn more about our core technology or download our Feature List.


View our FAQ page to learn more about our XStream HDVR technology. If you have additional questions, contact us.

Technical Documentation


To minimize your integration effort, we offer complete API integration assistance, code samples, tutorials, feature demos and example applications. In addition, we provide comprehensive technical documentation for your reference. See a sample of our Technical Documentation here.