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Medical Software Development

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Unlock the many benefits of the XStream HDVR SDK Suite

Fovia understands that there is no one‑size‑fits all approach for products in the advanced visualization market.

We tailor our offerings to meet your needs, whether it’s for an enterprise‑wide, multi‑facility network solution, a stand‑alone workstation or a cloud‑based mobile platform. Our High Definition Volume Rendering software provides you with the ease‑of‑integration and quick time‑to‑market you require, and gives your customers the quality, performance and flexibility they demand.

Fovia’s software enables advanced diagnostic applications, custom workflows and high‑performance interactive imaging. Fovia provides a user‑friendly API, custom integration assistance and a comprehensive feature set.

  • Medical Software Development NativeSDK

    XStream HDVR NativeSDK

    • Imaging toolkit with full customization

    • Enterprise-wide, local and remote options

    • Anytime, anywhere advanced visualization

    • Flexible language and platform options

    • Scalable custom 3D visualization workflows

    Visit XStream HDVR NativeSDK

  • Medical Software Development WebSDK

    XStream HDVR WebSDK

    • Write once, run anywhere!

    • Render interactively on any web-enabled device

    • Deploy in virtual environments worldwide

    • Customize and scale for online products

    • Expedite time-to-market for online products

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  • Medical Software Development Segmentation

    F.A.S.T. Interactive Segmentation

    • Perform real-time interactive 3D segmentation

    • Increase the number of cases per hour

    • Segment tissue-specific areas of interest

    • Enhance existing segmentation workflows

    • Create rich visualization applications quickly

    Visit F.A.S.T. Interactive Segmentation

  • Medical Software Development 3D Printing


    • Render images for local and remote 3D printing

    • Export volume-to-mesh for multiple modalities

    • Render volumes and polygons in real time

    • Colorize polygon objects from volumes

    • Auto-generate optimized watertight meshes

    Visit RapidPrint

  • Medical Software Development Augmented Reality

    XStream HDVR Stereo

    · 3D interactivity within virtual environments

    · Support for multiple types of stereo

    · Real-time high fidelity pixel output

    · Sub-voxel supersampling

    · Stereoscopic high resolution rendering

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