XStream HDVR NativeSDK


XStream  HDVR  NativeSDK

XStream HDVR NativeSDK is a CPU-based, advanced visualization platform that allows OEMs in a variety of fields to deliver unparalleled quality, performance and scalability to their customers.  This flexible, innovative solution overcomes the inherent limitations of other imaging technologies, and enables local, enterprise-wide and remote volumetric rendering with off‑the‑shelf computers.

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Native Framework

XStream HDVR NativeSDK includes a native client-server API (C++, .NET or Java), an in-process API and native examples to easily get OEMs up and running with high performance imaging software. By using this innovative and flexible imaging software development kit, companies can streamline their development strategies and bring their own workflows to market in a quick and cost-effective manner.

XStream HDVR NativeSDK is perfect for companies that need high fidelity imaging but want to implement their own image delivery pipeline.  If your company is interested in JavaScript implementations and employing imaging via web technologies, visit XStream HDVR WebSDK.

Rich Product Implementations

The wide set of XStream HDVR features gives OEMS a variety of options for their product implementations. By integrating the XStream HDVR NativeSDK, Fovia customers gain access to high fidelity 2D, 3D and 4D real-time rendering.  XStream HDVR NativeSDK can also be used in conjunction with Fovia’s 3D printing technology, RapidPrint, as well as with F.A.S.T. Interactive Segmentation, which enables a user to quickly, interactively and easily segment anatomic regions of interest in real time.

Programming Freedom

Fovia offers multiple integration options for OEMs. No matter what language your team is familiar with, C++, .NET or Java, the Fovia team can work with you on an integration. We work closely with our partners to create unique solutions for target markets, applications and workflows, and we provide complete documentation, full integration support and customization assistance.  Let us show you how we can meet your specific needs.